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ABMC is the American/British Music Company, established and directed by Matthew Peters.


After years of drawing on his extensive experience to help his colleagues, Matthew created ABMC as both a central housing for his own musical and management projects, as well as a vehicle in which to support other preeminent artists.  ABMC was founded on a "for musicians, by musicians" ethos and provides a rare approach to artist management.


Matthew has experience in virtually every aspect of the music industry and his unique insights equip him to address the entire spectrum of issues and concerns facing musicians today.  ABMC can offer a wide variety of services to elevate any musical endeavour.


In addition to professional projects, ABMC is committed to education.  From masterclasses to guest lectures, creating side-by-side performance opportunities to providing work experience for young professionals; we are committed to training the premier musicians of the future.


While the name's origin reflects Matthew's nationality and residence, ABMC works with musicians and artistic collaborators worldwide.

Raphael Wallfisch & Matthew Peters

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