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ABMC is the American/British Music Company, a centralised home for all of Matthew Peters' projects as composer, cellist, educator, and artist manager.


Matthew originally created ABMC as a vehicle in which to support other preeminent artists.  Drawing from his unique insights gained from his experience in virtually every aspect of the music industry, ABMC was founded on a "for musicians, by musicians" ethos, and has provided a rare approach to artist management.

After 8 years of championing other artists, in 2022 ABMC has 

Matthew has equip him to address the entire spectrum of issues and concerns facing musicians today.  ABMC can offer a wide variety of services to elevate any musical endeavour.


In addition to professional projects, ABMC is committed to education.  From masterclasses to guest lectures, creating side-by-side performance opportunities to providing work experience for young professionals; we are committed to training the premier musicians of the future.


While the name's origin reflects Matthew's nationality and residence, ABMC collaborates with artists worldwide.

Raphael Wallfisch & Matthew Peters

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