Mad EP

Producer / Sound Designer / DJ

Bass.hed art by Ben Didier

"Eating Movies approaches the intensity of No U-Turn and the scale of Kevin Martin's Techno Animal, while never remaining still enough to allow comprehension of its full DNA.."

- the Wire [UK]

"A rare, horizon-changing work that demands to be heard."

- Static Signals [USA]

"If an artist like Mad EP, who has already been credited with changing the horizon of contemporary music, sets out to redefine the parameters of what is possible and still comprehensible, it takes a humungous effort like The Madlands Trilogy to succeed." 

- Tokafi [DE]

"With this collection, Peters has shown he can compete and often outrun some of the great cinematic beatscape makers and soundtrack composers. One of the most varied and enjoyable albums of the year."

- Musique Machine [FR]

"Bass.Hed is the phattest, face-ripping hip-hop record Germany has ever seen."

- Pop Matters [CA]


Eating Movies
CD (Ad Noiseam)
Not Afraid of Spiders
CD (Hymen)
the Madlands Trilogy
3 x CD (Ad Noiseam)
CD (Ad Noiseam)
Twenty-Four Breakbeats
MP3 (Acroplane Recordings)
A Slow Descent Into
Cassette (Insides Music)
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12" (Ad Noiseam)

**debuted on John Peel's legendary show on Radio1, selected for his final playlist**

"One of the alt hip hop records of the year, hands down."
- Norman Records [UK]

"More than recommended, better is not possible."
- Black Magazine [DE]
3" CD (Hymen)
12" (Ad Noiseam)
MP3 (Acroplane Recordings)
12" (Spectraliquid)
MP3 (Acroplane Recordings)
12" (Marasm)
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