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Mad EP

Dance Collaboration Videos


Sebastien Kapps - dancer/choreographer

Mad EP - composer/cellist

Over the past two decades, our relationships have become increasingly digitised. The world has become a smaller place - easier to stay in touch with those in other countries and timezones - it has also meant that we often text or email instead of call… FaceTime or Skype instead of meeting up in person.


After months of isolation, our only contact has been through digital screens - at what point to our interactions and intersections still constitute reality? Many of us long to go out and seek normality, while still wrestling with the anxiety of the invisible dangers outside. Can we truly inhabit each other’s space while in lockdown?


Sebastien Kapps and Mad EP developed INSIDE[out] testing these ideas. The piece creates its own space and is formed out of a constant flow of ideas that have only existed digitally.

For Those Who Struggle With Life

Jake Nwogu - dancer/choreographer

Dan Lowenstein - filmmaker

Mad EP - composer/cellist

"During a difficult period of my life I had a series of panic attacks, to a point that my body shook uncontrollably. Sometimes I was so broken that I couldn't focus my mind and other times my mind worked but the shaking continued. I asked Film Maker Daniel Lowenstein to capture one of these episodes. The symptoms in this film are genuine and I continued to shake between takes. However I managed to use the shaking to inform some of the movement.

With the awful moments comes amazing life lessons.
Therefore life is always amazing, even if it doesn't seem to be at the time."

- Jake Nwogu

A Strange Case Of ... (original promo)
David Jones - filmmaker

Jake Nwogu - dancer

Mad EP - cellist

JS Bach - Suite no. 3, Gigue


Anel Reyes - filmmaker

Balansart Moses - dancer

Mad EP - composer/cellist

'Menuet' appears on the album Bass.hed, released on CD by Ad Noiseam.

Mrs Mr

ShadowHuntaz - vocals

Mad EP - producer

Newton's Enemies Crew - dancers

Anel Reyes - filmmaker

'Mrs Mr' appears on the EP Nightmare Scenario, released on MP3 by Acroplane Recordings.


B-Boy Foundations

Mad EP - producer

Newton's Enemies Crew - dancers

'No. 14 - Eb Minor' appears on the album Twenty-four Breakbeats, released on MP3 by Acroplane Recordings.



Mad EP - composer/cellist

Mersadies Sterran - video editor

Over 3 months in early 2021, 14 Youth Dance Companies connected & collaborated remotely, learning & interpreting movement material, and responding to creative tasks devised by Flexus Dance Collective, based around the theme of ‘connections’. The movement created was filmed independently by the youth dancers & their group leaders, and edited by the FDC team to culminate in a 20-minute collaborative film, set to an original music composition by Matthew Peters of MadEP.


The film premiered from Arena Theatre Wolverhampton in May 2021 and included footage filmed by; ACE Dance & Music, Ascension Dance Company, BSDC/Fleet Street Studios, Coppice Performing Arts School, Dancefest, ENBYouthCo, Flexus Revolt, Flexus Youth Dance, Highflyers Youth Dance Company/Shropshire Inclusive Dance, Ignite Dance Centre/Kidderminster College, ME Youth Dance Company, Preston Youth Dance Company, and Sterran Touring Company.


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